Fuel Injection Cleaning

Spring Cleaning for your engine!  Using the best Justice Brothers Fuel Injection Cleaning available!

Timing belts 

Like other components, timing belts wear out. Proper maintenance requires belt replacement at regular intervals—before they break.

Computerized Wheel Alignments

Hunters newest alignment system allows us to prevent premature tire wear 

Tire Installation and Balancing

Affiliated & Reviewed by  Using a Hunter Balancer and Snap on Tire machine

Oil Service

Quality maintenance with a free 68 point inspection every time!

Steering and Suspension

Identifying noises and safety concerns before they become a hazzard

Batteries, Starters, and Alternators

Identifying "no start" conditions correctly the first time

Exhaust System

"The louder the car - the faster it is" rule doesn't always apply.  If you notice the car sounds louder than usual we are your affordable option for exhaust system repairs.

Air Conditioning 

No need to suffer in the heat all summer- We are trained to repair R134-A systems and R12 cooling systems.


Stopping is just as important as going- Read more about how brakes work here:

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

We can handle those larger routine services without voiding your warranty

Check Engine Light 

This light can mean anything from a gas cap to a major problem.  You can trust Rich's ASE certified technicians to diagnose and repair  the  problem the 1st time.

Service Areas