All circumstances will be reviewed by the Kingdom Cars board of trustees.

Need Help ?

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Don't have a car?

Here's what to expect.


1.  Valid NJ Drivers License

2.  Proof of Insurance and Registration

3.   Proof of income (to show below poverty level)

5.  If applicant is below 150% of poverty level financial training may be required.  


1.  Income must be at or below 150% of the poverty level

2.  Have a valid NJ Drivers License

3.  Complete the Biblically based Crown Financial debt reduction/budget program

4.  Work with a financial mentor to assure financial security and accountablility

Kingdom Cars was founded to help families struggling financially to be able to afford car repairs.  Our priority is to help single mothers and low income families.   Kingdom Cars reserves right to grant priority to applicants actively involved in a church,  willing to work with a church, or those referred by a partnering church  who need a vehicle for work, school, health or charitable work.  Each circumstance will be handled individually on a  need-basis.  

We will not be able to assist anyone currently behind on child support or with a prior conviction of a DUI.  

Who we help?

Have a car, but need car repairs?

Here's what to expect.

1.   Ask your pastor to reach out to Kingdom Cars and fill out a pastoral referral form.  If you don't attend a church, we will recommend one near your home and connect you with a contact at the church.  

2.  You'll need to fill out an application and submit it with the supporting documents.  (See qualifications) 


3.  You'll be contacted by a volunteer to meet with you and get you started on a financial training program.  

4.  Once you finish your financial training program and get approval from your financial mentor and have met with an accountability partner, you'll be placed on a waiting list for a car.  Availability depends on the cars that have been donated to the program.


3.  You'll be contacted by a volunteer to set an appointment for a Car Care Saturday to assess what needs your car currently has.  

4.  Upon review of your case and looking over your car, you will be asked to pay a percentage of the car repair based on the NJ poverty scale to be determined with a financial counselor, unless you have been pre-approved for FREE repairs.

Once you receive assistance for car repair, without continuing the financial program and provide proof that your

financial situation has improved, you will not be allowed to apply for repeat assistance. 

We want you to become financially sound, not remain dependant on the program.