Kingdom Cars will gladly accept ANY car in ANY condition and provide you with a tax receipt for your donation.  

Here's how it works: 

Step 1:

Contact us to have your donate picked up or dropped off.      Step 2:
We will assess the overall condition of the car and determine how it can best be used. 

There’s 3 different ways your car donation will be re-purposed. 

1. If your car is assessed as RE-DISTRIBUTABLE you will receive a tax receipt and you can deduct the full fair market value at the time of your donate.  (For example- if your car falls in this category you’d take the fair market value from a trusted car guide such as or and use that value for your deduction.)
** Don’t worry we’ll make sure it’s indicated on your tax receipt**

2.If your car is assessed and found NON-REPAIRABLE the vehicle it be taken to a recycling yard or sold to a wholesaler to go auction.  You’ll then be able to deduct up to $500 from that years taxes. 
** Don’t worry we’ll make sure it’s indicated on your tax receipt**

3.If your donate is assessed and found REPAIRABLE BUT NOT RE-DISTRIBUTABLE your donation will be sold at an arms- length (someone we don’t know) and you’ll be able to deduct the amount it was sold for (this is for vehicles sold over $500).  This category of donation may take a little longer than normal because the vehicle may need repair before being sold and the time to sell the vehicle. 

The reason some cars are re-distributable and some are not is because we need to meet the needs of our applicants.  For example a single cab pick-up truck isn’t going to work for a single parent of 3.  Some cars need more love than others too and won’t help rehabilitate the life of someone in need but rather burden them.  It’s a process… but we’ll handle that for you. 

Step 3
Use your tax receipt when filing your taxes 

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Click Hereto see a list of the recently donated cars and the repairs they need.  You can select to sponsor a specific repair or contribute towards it's general rehabilitation.    You can check back in for updates to see how that car changed a life!

We can offer a tax receipt for any monetary donations.  Feel free to utilize the paypal link below or mail to:  Kingdom Cars Inc.  541 Mountain Ave Gillette NJ 07933 C/O Donations Department

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