Upcoming class schedule:

Ladies/ Women's Car Education Class:  Nov 22, 2014 1pm

Mens Car Education Class:  To be announced

Young Teen Drivers:  To be announced - planning on the end of the school year

  • How to jump start your car
  • How to change a flat tire
  • What is routine maintenance 
  • How to check and set tire pressures
  • What the different fluids are under the hood
  • How to identify lights on the dashboard
  • When to call a tow truck
  • Driving with snow, ice, and heavy rain

As always, Rich and his whole crew are here to answer these questions for you any day if you can not attend one of these valuable classes.  

As part of Kingdom C.A.R.S Ministry, Rich Imbimbo and his daughter Kristie, lead 3 classes annually as fundraisers.  Each class geared to an individual demographic (teens, women and men)  Each class teaches is students the following: 

Car Education Classes